Hands-free operation no other faucet can touch.


Two motion sensors and Reflex® effortless self-retraction allow Moen pulldown faucets with MotionSense™ to respond to what you need, the moment you need it.

Easy Install

We spent more time, so you can spend less. Installing this hands-free faucet technology is just as intuitive as how to use the faucet.


Hands-free comes at no expense to design. Hands-free actuation while blending the technology seamlessly with each faucet's distinct style is what sets Moen faucets with MotionSense™ apart.

Hands free, anytime.

Unlike other faucet brands that require you to adjust the handle position prior to using a motion sensor, Moen's single handle can be left untouched in the "off" position when using the sensors.

Wave on. Wave off. Ideal touchless control.

Turning water on and off is as effortless and intuitive as waving your hand over top of the faucet's wave sensor. Motion once to turn on, and again to turn off.

Always Ready

The Ready Sensor near the base of the faucet identifies when an object, like a cup or a hand, is placed beneath the spout, running water only until you exit the sensor zone.

Consistent Performance

The handle on the side of the faucet offers familiar, manual operation, allowing you to adjust temperature and water flow.

Wave Sensor

The Wave Sensor is great for filling large pots and washing dishes.

Ready Sensor

Use the Ready Sensor for quick tasks, like washing your hands or filling up a cup.


Hands-free mode works at any time, even when the handle is in the off position.

Keep Clean

Hands-free means your faucet needs less cleaning and helps you control the spread of germs.




Moen faucets with MotionSense™ are thoughtfully designed from start to finish — from the snap-on mounting of the control box, to the push-fit hose connections, it's that easy. Installing this hands-free faucet technology is just as intuitive as how to use the faucet.

Installation Video

Products with MotionSense

The models are as graceful as ever, beautifully simple and intuitive, easing tasks regularly performed in the kitchen. What's good for the hands is even better for the eyes.


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