M-DURA™ Heavy-Duty Manual Flush Valves Featuring AccuSet Piston Technology




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Maintenance freedom:
Advanced handle and stop valve design

The innovative M•DURA all-metal handle design features a longer stem internally for superior strength and better engagement. The stem is encased in a watertight brass channel secured by dual O-ring seals for substantial leak protection.

Maintenance freedom:
Advanced handle and stop valve design

A robust heavy-duty stop valve wont wear down or break apart like plastic assemblies, making serviceability easier if ever needed.

Precise flush control and water savings:
Premium sealing

M•DURA manual flush valves feature premium chloramine-resistant polymer seals custom-compounded for in-water applications. This high-grade material retains its integrity, preventing breakdowns and leaks at the handle, stop valve and around the piston. Unlike diaphragm designs that start out at one flow rate and gradually slip to a higher rate as materials break down, M•DURA delivers precise flush volume over the life of the product.

Longer life, lower lifetime cost:
AccuSet piston technology

M•DURA's unique AccuSet piston technology works at pressures as low as 15psi, so fluctuations wont cause malfunctions that can lead to costly repairs. With premium sealing, AccuSet technology delivers precise flush volume over its entire lifecycle. Plus, a self-cleaning filter protects piston seals against clogs and damage from line debris, allowing the piston to fully function even if the filter is up to 90% clogged.

Worry-free quality:
Robust design, heavy-duty construction

Like all Moen Commercial products, M•DURA heavy-duty manual flush valves are engineered and built to withstand heavy-duty use and the durable chrome finish stands up to harsh cleaners. You can expect years of reliable service-all backed by a best-in-class 5-year limited warranty.

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M•Dura Heavy-Duty Manual Flush Valves


8310M35 3.5 gpf  
8310M16 1.6 gpf  
8310M128 1.28 gpf ECO-Performance

Extended Closet
12" Extended

8313M16 1.6 gpf
12" extended
tube length

3/4" Urinal

8312M10 1.0 gpf  
8312M05 .5 gpf WaterSense ECO-Performance
8312M0125 .125 gpf WaterSense ECO-Performance

1 1/4" Urinal

8314M10 1.0 gpf  

Retrofit kits available for the full-line of M•Dura Heavy-Duty Manual Flush Valves.

To help meet and maintain facilities building codes, Moen M•Dura Flush Valves are
third-party certified by IAPMO and CSA to all applicable standards.