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Performance you can trust, above the sink and below.

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Higher horsepower models can grind a wider variety of kitchen scraps.

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Moen Garbage Disposals

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Performance You Can Trust,
Above the Sink and Below

You trust Moen’s quality faucets in the kitchen because of their excellent performance above the sink. You can expect the same dependable functionality and performance under the sink with Moen’s complete line of garbage disposals.

Universal Xpress Mount

Universal Xpress Mount fits all Moen and most existing 3-bolt mounting assemblies, including InSinkErator® brand.*

The compact design is lightweight for easier installation and frees up valuable space under the sink.


Moen’s VORTEX permanent magnet motor - similar to many power tools - immediately operates at full speed. This results in finely ground particles and helps reduce jamming across each level of horsepower.

Full range of horsepower options available*

Jams Less

Moen’s VORTEX permanent magnet motor offers faster RPMs which create finely ground particles which can help reduce jamming.

Continuous Feed

All Moen disposals feature continuous feed technology. As long as the power is on, the disposal will continue to grind. No need to wait for it to fill or use a specialty stopper like some batch feed models.

Grind Technology

  • Stainless steel internal grind components extend disposal life with less corrosion.

Batch Feed

Moen Batch Feed Disposals are actuated when a batch feed stopper is in place, no wall switch required. Nothing can enter the disposal while in use, ensuring a safer operation. Ideal for kitchen islands or when a wall switch is not available.

Grind Technology

  • Stainless steel internal grind components extend disposal life with less corrosion.


Our SoundSHIELD™ is designed to deaden the sound levels of the powerful disposal motor at work.

Power Cord Included

Moen garbage disposals save time and money by including a pre-installed power cord, eliminating the extra step of hard wiring the disposal or requiring a separate cord purchase.

Disposal Package Contents Include:

  • Removable Splash Guard

  • Drain Elbow

  • Drain Stopper

  • Sink Flange


More food waste down the disposal means less in the landfill.

Our VORTEX™ motor grinds food waste into fine particles for processing by water treatment facilities.

Moen garbage disposals are safe for properly sized septic tanks.

Moen’s Limited Warranty with In-Home Service

Moen’s Limited Warranty with In-Home Service guarantees help is there when you need it. If service is requested during the warranty period, Moen will have a service agent repair or replace the disposal in your home at no charge if the product has been manufactured defectively. Read more

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