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Farrington Field, Ft. Worth Independent School District

As one of the largest school districts in Texas, Fort Worth Independent Schools (FWISD) has an enrollment of more than 80,000 students and approximately 125 buildings. One of those is Farrington Field, a multi-use stadium the district utilizes for a number of sporting events, football and track and field contests. When the time came to renovate the facility, which has a maximum capacity of 18,000 spectators, Bo Cohen, head of plumbing for FWISD, looked to install commercial products that were durable, reliable, hygienic, and most of all, vandal-resistant. He first became familiar with Moen Commercial products six years ago, when he installed the products in some of the districts toughest schools, where vandalism and theft were common problems.

"I have never had to replace or service the original Moen Commercial products that I installed in other FWISD facilities," Cohen said. "When we began the renovations at Farrington Field, I knew this would be the best product for the job. I like that the Moen flush valves are durable and backed by a five-year warranty. They also allow us to lower the flow rates during non-usage periods and conserve a great deal of water and the 24-hour sentinel flush feature ensures that the traps are primed and the restrooms are odor-free."

A quantity of 228 Moen M•Power flush valves were specified for the remodel of Farrington Field. During the renovation process, the wrong brand was installed throughout the facility which did not match the original specification. When Cohen went to inspect the project's progress, he quickly realized the error and fought for the right product and brand.

Based on his previous experiences with Moen, Cohen knew that the all-metal construction, as well as the piston-driven system, made Moen M•Power flush valves the choice for the stadium -- and he wouldn't settle for anything else. Plus, the M•Power flush valves simplify the replacement part inventory by ordering one retrofit model that is flexible enough to work in different applications. "Previously, we used a diaphragm system that needed constant servicing," Cohen said. "The Moen flush valves feature a piston-driven system, which is what we were looking for, and we haven't had to service one yet."