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New Roman Tub Valves From Moen Provide Easy, Secure Installation

New Moen® Roman tub valves answer plumbers' demands for saving time and money by accommodating a wide variety of tub deck construction and materials and reducing installation time.

  • Additional configurations and connections provide more choices to meet plumbers' preferences:
    • Fixed valves -- pre-soldered on 10-inch centers with a non-adjustable shank
      • Available with copper-to-copper, PEX/CPVC and cold expansion PEX options
      • Can accommodate deck thicknesses ranging from 1/8- to 1-7/8-inches
    • Three-piece adjustable valves
      • Available with copper-to-copper and PEX/CPVC connections; PEX/CPVC includes time-saving, quick-connect hoses
      • Adapter for cold expansion PEX also available
      • Provides wide range of adjustability for deck thicknesses from 1/8- to 2-1/2-inches for the rough-in, plus an additional 1-1/4-inch for finished decks
      • Includes spout shank expansion nut tool

      • All new Roman tub valves include 1-1/4-inch hole sizes, meaning only one drill size is needed, allowing for a quick and simple installation
      • Features the new Dura-Grip™ Mounting System, a robust engineered system, which prevents the valves and spout from moving after installation
      • Brass test plug included with all models, making it easy for plumbers to pressure test the valve
      • Compatible with Moen's M░PACT® Common Valve System, which allows fast, easy updates to the faucet style or finish without replacing any plumbing
      • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Email: jallanson@fallscommunications.com
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