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Moen Helps You Buy American

In an effort to spur economic growth and protect American jobs, certain federal laws relating to government-funded projects contain provisions requiring government contractors to use or favor the use of products manufactured in the United States. Both the Buy American Act (BAA) and Section 1605 (the Buy American Provision) of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) are designed to stimulate the American economy by creating new jobs and maintaining existing ones by giving preference to, or requiring the use of domestically manufactured goods.

Gain the advantage
The BAA stipulates the federal government support domestically manufactured products in their procurement process by giving preference to U.S. made products. Under the BAA, contractors must give preference to commercial off the shelf products manufactured and assembled in the United States. Other regulatory standards such as the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) can impact whether a product must comply with BAA.

Section 1605 of the ARRA applies where funding for a project is derived from stimulus funds in the ARRA legislation. Stimulus funds cannot be allocated unless all of the iron, steel or other manufactured goods used as construction material in the project are manufactured or produced in the United States.

At Moen, we're proud to help contractors meet the requirements of those laws. That's why we manufacture hundreds of Moen and Cleveland Faucet Group branded products with on-trend styles and finishes in three domestic facilities: New Bern, N.C.; Pine Grove, Pa.; or Sanford, N.C. Many of the products manufactured in these facilities comply with the requirements set forth by BAA and ARRA.

Add value for customers
Of course, all products made in our domestic plants deliver real value to customers, with an unparalleled combination of design, quality manufacturing and service. For example:

  • All Moen lavatory faucets feature a flow-optimized aerator, using up to 30 percent less water without sacrificing performance. They are certified to meet WaterSense┬« labeling criteria and contribute toward maximizing LEED┬« points.
  • All CFG bathroom faucets feature a flow-optimized aerator that uses up to 32 percent less water without sacrificing performance. Each is certified to meet WaterSense┬« criteria.
  • Many Moen faucets, and all CFG faucets are universally designed to meet requirements for the physically challenged, making them ADA compliant.

The benefits offered by these products mean that purchasing them not only helps protect American jobs, but the high quality product and customer service Moen is known for will also satisfy customers for years to come. That's a win for the customer, a win for you, and a win for the country.

For more information on Buy America products or project related inquires contact Moen at productcompliance@moen.com

The information contained in this article should not be used in the place of appropriate legal counsel. Please note that the Acts and guidelines may be updated on a continuous basis; the comments, information, rules and regulations are subject to change at any time. Please consult an attorney if you have any questions.