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When TA began planning renovations at more than 60 of its highway service centers, retail design engineering manager Pat Jameson had an important choice to make. He needed plumbing fixtures that offered extraordinary reliability and durability while also saving water and energy -- all without sacrificing quality or hygiene.

Photo Credit: Moen Incorporated

Photo Credit: Moen Incorporated

Photo Credit: Moen Incorporated

His solution: Moen Commercial's heavy-duty showering systems, and its M•Power™ sensor-operated flush valves and faucets.

Tough, efficient showers
Jameson needed to specify durable shower systems that would discourage tampering and removal but could also tolerate vandalism. "Since we don't see any downtime, we were looking for fixtures that could take a lot of abuse," he says.

He liked the fact that Moen's heavy-duty commercial showerheads use solid brass components and are secured to the wall with vandal-resistant screws. He also liked the angular design, which discourages users from hanging items around the showerhead that could lead to leaks in the plumbing system or create a safety hazard.

Promotes good hygiene
Hygiene was also a primary concern in the renovation specs. That's why Moen's M•Power electronic products caught Jameson's attention. "Customers prefer hands-free products in a public restroom," he says. "For a completely hands-free experience, we added Moen Commercial's flush valves to the toilets and urinals and specified its electronic faucets for hand washing." He also decided to specify electronic paper towel dispensers.

Conserves water
Moen Commercial electronic products offer the added benefit of reducing water consumption. Water flow is started by electronic sensors when the user is in range of the sensor eye, and it stops automatically. Faucets and toilets can't be accidentally (or intentionally) left running, which saves water and prevents the risk of overflows.

Saves energy
Powered by standard AA batteries that last for more than a quarter million cycles, or by low-power AC adapters, Moen electronic products are extremely energy-efficient. They're also backed by an incredible five-year limited warranty: Should anything ever happen to Moen Commercial products, they're supported by Moen's industry-leading customer service team. That gave Jameson peace of mind that an equipment failure wouldn't shut down any of his facilities.

"We wanted a high-quality product that was reliable and durable," Jameson says. "Moen provided us with the products we needed, when we needed them, making the entire renovation process seamless."