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Inspire Stories Contest

Ted Brockey of Northport Plumbing Supply in Nesconset, NY shared not only how he learned more about Moen products, but also how he’s using the trends to talk to his customers...

“The Moen Inspire Event last year in Santa Fe was tremendously helpful on many levels. Not only was the event organized perfectly, it was informative as well. The thoughtful planning and execution were obvious in every detail. But, to be honest, I’ve been to many events and conferences that were well planned and executed. What made the Moen Inspire Event so successful in my opinion was the wealth of information that was so thoughtfully given. By far the most helpful to me was the seminar that discussed the features and benefits of the Moen items we sold versus the big box stores. To know the differences (particularly that the faucets are even cast differently) has helped me time and again to close a sale with confidence and the knowledge that I am correct in pointing out the differences of our merchandise as compared to that of our competitors. Just as helpful was the seminar that discussed sales techniques, exactly how to close a sale and make and keep a satisfied customer. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the benefits of our experience and knowledge, and that it is an added benefit to our customer. And, more importantly, that the customer will pay for that expertise. That seminar reinforced that philosophy in useable and clear terms. And, its validity has been proven time and time again in my enhanced ability to close a sale. Often we in showrooms are looked to for our opinions and design knowledge. What was interesting at the Inspire Event was the seminar showing prototypes and the discussion of design trends nationally. It was useful to hear the designers discuss where faucet/bath trim was going, and what the trends were. That same information could be used in a design sense with our customers. Often our customers are looking for a change, but they don’t know what that change is. It was a great benefit to be able to learn about trends and then translate them to our customers so they have a new, comfortable, beautiful and state of the art bathroom when they are finished with their remodel. The trend to use classics in a new and different way is something that was reinforced at the Inspire Event to the great enjoyment of everyone. Using various Moen parts and faucets as well as other items to create an outfit was an interesting and fun way to get everyone thinking out of the box. I know I have used that technique with my clients and have inspired them to not only look at the newest designs and ideas, but also the classics and meld the two in order to create a look that is perfect for them. The Moen Inspire Event did exactly that – inspire me in different ways that I have translated to my day to day work experience. I look forward to attending the event this year!”