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Commercial Introduces M•DURA™ Manual Flush Valves With Accuset™ Piston Technology

North Olmsted, Ohio… Moen Commercial continues to deliver innovative, cost-saving solutions for commercial restrooms with the introduction of new M•Dura™ heavy-duty manual flush valves. These products feature Moen’s proprietary AccuSet™ piston technology – a more robust solution, requiring virtually no maintenance or replacement parts for the life of the flush valve.

“When developing the M•Dura heavy-duty flush valves, we listened to our customers’ frustrations with the products currently available to them,” said Mark Knurek, director, marketing and new product development for Moen’s Commercial Division. “Our goal was to create a solution that would deliver a more reliable experience for installers, building owners and operators. These products address the most common issues associated with popular flush valve designs – resulting in unmatched reliability, far less maintenance, minimal repairs and significant water savings.”

Engineered to provide substantially lower lifetime costs than existing products in the marketplace, the M•Dura AccuSet piston technology was designed with cost-savings in mind. It’s versatile and therefore ideal for all commercial applications, regardless of water pressure variances and usage rates. Compared to diaphragm technology, which is utilized by most existing flush valves in the marketplace, AccuSet can successfully operate with pressure as low as 15 PSI (pounds per square inch), so fluctuations are less likely to cause malfunctions that can lead to costly water waste and service repairs, saving time and sparing building owners and operators from expensive water and labor bills.

AccuSet piston technology features a self-cleaning filter which protects the piston seals against clogs and damage from line debris, allowing it to fully function even if the filter is up to 90 percent clogged. This provides precise flush volume accuracy over its lifetime, delivering water saving benefits and increased sustainability to commercial facilities.

The unique handle design of the M•Dura flush valves is encased in a watertight brass channel secured by dual O-ring seals for substantial leak protection. In addition, the handle is constructed from all metal and features a longer internal stem which delivers superior strength and better engagement. Additionally, a robust, heavy-duty metal stop valve won’t wear down or break apart like plastic assemblies, making serviceability easier if ever needed.

M•Dura flush valves also include premium seal technology: a specialized, chloramine-resistant, high-performance polymer that helps prevent common leaks or breakdown at the handle, vacuum breaker and shut off. These premium seals at key connection points and all-brass compression shut offs were also engineered to combat common problem areas which cause leaks and water waste.

“The best-in-class, consistent, long-term performance of AccuSet technology outlasts diaphragm designs which tend to waste water and require routine servicing and replacement parts,” Knurek added. “The lower lifetime cost, less maintenance and hassle Moen offers with the new M•Dura heavy-duty flush valves is unmatched in the industry.”

M•Dura also offers a heavy-duty bedpan washer model that features robust bearing washers, double O-ring seals and a unique, ergonomic handle design. This improves on common designs that rely on O-rings alone to both seal against leaks and facilitate arm movement, creating a more reliable option for facilities.

Moen’s M•Dura flush valves feature heavy-duty, cast-brass construction and are built to withstand the harshest commercial and industrial environments. Like all Moen Commercial products, the flush valves are built to provide years of reliable service, and are backed by a five-year limited warranty and best-in-class customer service. The M•Dura flush valves meet ADA compliance requirements and will be available in spring 2013.

For more information about M•Dura flush valves from Moen, visit moencommercial.com or call 1-800-BUY-MOEN.