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Time Savers

Save your schedule from manual, arduous tasks. A full suite of interactive tools at MoenPro.com makes specifying commercial plumbing fast, easy and satisfying.

  • Custom Convenience

    MoenPro is all about you. We know that as a busy professional, you don’t have time to sort through page after page of information to find the news, resources and insights relevant to your business. So we designed MoenPro with content customized for your profession, whether you’re an architect, plumbing engineer or facility manager.

    MoenPro’s suite of time-saving interactive tools is one example of how we’re helping you get the information you need faster. In these slides, we’ll show you how these tools can cut out time spent on manual tasks and make specifying commercial plumbing a quick and productive step in your design process.

  • Commercial Calculator

    Moen’s M-Dura Heavy-Duty Manual Flush Valves can save a facility thousands of dollars a year in water savings and repair costs. Pinpointing those savings can involve laborious calculations. The Flush Valve Cost Savings Calculator takes the guesswork, out of the equation. It calculates the actual costs of problems associated with common diaphragm flush valves, so you can see how much you’ll save by switching to Moen’s AccuSet piston technology.

    The tool provides average assumptions for variables such as maintenance frequency, parts and labor rate, but you can customize the values for your own building or project. And the calculator can help you explain to a building owner why you’re recommending Moen’s M-Dura Heavy-Duty Manual Flush Valves.

  • Product Specifier

    The days of downloading product specification documents one at a time are over. The Product Specifier is an indispensable alternative for commercial professionals who have to gather product documentation for a large project. The tool provides a quick, easy way to bundle the relevant spec sheets or CAD and BIM files, and download it as a ZIP file.

    For many projects, you can simply enter the model numbers you need in the search bar at the top of the tool page. Or if you’re not quite at the stage where you’ve prepared a list of products, the tool provides a guided search tool with a stepped approach to narrow down your options.

    “This is a product specifier’s dream,” King says, “especially with all of the formats available to download. Because no matter how great you write the specifications, we always want to change something, right?”

  • Cross Reference

    Durability, ease of purchasing, competitive costs — there are plenty of reasons why engineers might want to switch their specifications to a Moen plumbing product. The Commercial Cross-Reference Tool makes that process as simple as possible.

    “As an architect, I find it great to be able to cross-reference all of the available products within a style line, so we know exactly what we have available to select,” King says.

    Simply select the manufacturer of the product you’re replacing, and then choose the product from the list provided. It’s a speedy, straightforward tool that replaces what would normally be a time-consuming process.

  • Sell Sheet Creator

    By helping you quickly create customized, printable sell sheets for your clients, the Sell Sheet Creator is certainly a time saver. But the true power of the tool is in its flexibility and customization capabilities. Upload your company logo, choose from a number of templates, or add client-specific comments and pricing to make your document perfectly tailored for the project. “The end product is really easy to read and client-friendly,” King says.

    For further customization, the tool allows you to download a PowerPoint file that puts the power in your hands. Use it to show upgrade options or packages, or create a mini-catalog that highlights only the specific Moen products available for your project.

    We’ve provided an in-depth tutorial to show all the features of the Sell Sheet Creator.