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Accessible Public Restroom Design CEU

The Rules for Accessible Design Have Changed

Understand the changes to Chapter Six of the 2010 ADA Guidelines for new or altered commercial restroom, and be confident your design accommodates everyone.

With the adoption of the 2010 ADA Standards, significant changes have been made to existing accessibility requirements, particularly for public washrooms. The changes apply to both new construction and altered facilities, and include government, public, commercial and recreational buildings, as well as hotels and multi-family dwellings. This new legislation recognizes that the accessibility and functionality of restrooms are critical to people with disabilities. Today’s washrooms must be designed to meet a wide range of human needs and abilities. Compliance not only ensures disabled people can use the space; it protects the facility and its ownership from potential fines and legal action.

In this one-hour workshop, we will acquaint you with the updates to Chapter Six of the 2010 ADA Guidelines. Upon completion, you will know the seven key factors to ADA-compliant design and what changes were made to the Guidelines, including reach ranges and spatial ranges for toilet, toilet compartments, sinks, showers and grab bars. Learn how to remain complaint to avoid costly fines and legal action. To register for the next Accessible Public Restrooms CEU, contact your Moen Sales Rep.