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MOEN: The Story Behind The Service

By Raquel Vega, consumer services product consultant at Moen, Incorporated’s consumer services contact center

Successful businesses most often start with an idea; the “eureka” moment. These ideas are then brought to life as an invention or business venture that can then change the course of technology or everyday life. For Moen Incorporated, it all started in 1937 with Al Moen’s use of the old fashioned two handle lavatory faucet. As Mr. Moen was washing his hands he experienced an unpleasant sudden change of water temperature. This sparked an idea in his head that led him to invent the first single handle mixing faucet; changing the plumbing industry and leading to further inventions along the way.

Fast forward to 2013, Moen Incorporated has now become a worldwide name synonymous with great quality, reliable products, and world-class customer service. Moen continues to operate in the spirit of its founder, Al Moen, by continuously striving for thoughtfully designed solutions to plumbing needs while providing trusted service. It is Moen’s mission to delight all of their consumers by providing the highest value and most innovative products and services.

“This is a company with great products, and phenomenal customer service. I have a Moen, kitchen sink faucet, which I would guess is about 25 years old. It just started to leak. I called customer service and they sent me replacement parts for free. Cheerful customer service representatives, looking to resolve your issue immediately. I am a Moen customer for life.”

~ R. Samuelson

“Moen exhibits Customer Service the way it should be. I discovered the support from my 8 year old Moen Extensa kitchen faucet was severely rusted Sunday. I used Moen’s “contact us” email to ask if it was covered by warranty.

I recently received a reply in less than an hour ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON that Moen would send me a new faucet. This is the fourth time I’ve contacted Moen Customer Service and they have fully and satisfactorily taken care of the issue every time. This is the Customer Service to benchmark.”

~ M. Hochheiser

Driven by perfection, Moen’s company philosophy embraces innovation, reliability and exceptional service. In summary, their company operating philosophy entails “doing what is right,” “working together” and “achieving results.” Service excellence is not merely a promise but an absolute. Everything Moen does in its Consumer Services department is designed to exceed the goal of creating Moen advocates for life.

In fact, one of the four pillars of the Moen brand is “best-in-class customer service.” This pillar enforces what the Consumer Services Contact Center is all about. Moen’s employees are empowered professionals that are dedicated to delivering a personal and positive experience, every minute, every hour, every contact, every day!

Moen’s Consumer Services Department is an integral point of communication between the end user and the company—it takes a special type of person to handle this type of work. An extensive and award winning training program prepares the employee for their role. Moen understands that their associates are the company's most valuable resource, and that their satisfaction translates into the interaction with the consumer. Associate growth and development is encouraged through the offering of employee exchanges in Sales, Marketing, and Engineering, e-learning tools, onsite classes and university/professional development opportunities, as well as a tuition reimbursement program for undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Moen believes in recognizing and rewarding associates for their important contributions to the business. Moen’s structured recognition program allows for monetary and non-monetary forms of recognition that may be delivered formally or informally, but the message is the same: they value their associates’ commitment to the company’s success and share that success with them! Through these various forms of recognition, individuals and teams are acknowledged for exceptional accomplishments and for being a model of the company’s Operating Philosophy. Communication is open and timely with the team, keeping associates updated on the business, events, and career opportunities. To keep the atmosphere light and motivational, bulletin boards and digital monitors are placed throughout the center to celebrate birthdays, share recipes and wellness tips, and highlight customer correspondences applauding individual associates that have provided exceptional service.

All Moen associates are encouraged to make their employment a positive part of their personal lives —developing relationships within the organization is vital to the success of the company. Moreover, many Moen associates choose to utilize their plumbing knowledge to contribute to the community through assistance in several non-profit organizations in Northeast Ohio, including Habitat for Humanity and the United Way. Likewise, all Moen associates are entrusted to make a service decision and care for current and potential customers, no matter where or when the opportunity arises.

At Moen, they use several fully integrated systems which allow them to provide world-class Customer Service, and to maintain a broad, across the business, single purpose of Best-In-Class service. This is based on their market differentiators, including:

First and foremost, their people. The associates who work in Consumer Services take pride in the fact that they can turn any situation into a positive one… and they work diligently to create Moen advocates for life. The department has made a significant investment in formal and electronic training programs that ensure their associates have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. Additionally, associates have access to a fully integrated ERP that ties to technical search tools and allows them the freedom to make the best decision, in most cases without approval.

Innovative use of an Industrial Engineer/Certified Lean and Six Sigma practitioner assigned to the Contact Center is an uncommon advantage. This individual works on projects focusing upon customer touch-points, cost reduction, advanced analytics and trend modeling. This data is then used to identify leading key performance indicators (KPI) that positively impact the Contact Center business and thrill the customer.

The tremendous investment and successful global implementation of SAP has afforded Moen rapid access to product and financial data as well as creating an intimate informed relationship with their customer. Moen has incorporated the Enterprise Resource Planning technology of SAP, combining planning, service and CRM. The full SAP suite drives a personal relationship between Moen and their customer, every time and at every place they touch.

Moen’s contact center has incorporated NICE, a sentiment gauging, voice & screen-recording tool, that provides a holistic view of the voice-of-the-customer, or VOC, across all interaction channels which determines how to best serve the consumer in real time. NICE provides a gateway for quality customer care, allowing associates to not only hear their customer personally, but enabling them to review their call electronically.

Consumers have the ability to self-service on Moen.com, which also provides an alternate form of communication via email, and an added convenience for the consumer, as well as options such as problem resolution/identification trees, design suggestions and parts ordering.

Consumers can attach pictures and other documents regarding their unique circumstance to an email and send it directly to the Consumer Services organization. An intelligent routing tool delivers those pictures directly to the agent’s desktop.

Moen also uses monitoring systems to track each conversation within the blogosphere, giving them the opportunity to participate in social media conversations and reach their customers in real-time. Within the general blogosphere, Moen customer service receives 4 or 5 stars in terms of service more than 90 percent of the time. Moen is successful because they know their customer and can provide them with solutions they deem exceptional.

At Moen, all customers are important, so to better understand what customers are saying and how to help them, the company has invested in technology for full support using advanced data analytics. Through this technology, Moen has recorded data from over 20 million contacts that is used to gauge anything from market demographics, to product performance and even customer suggested attributes.

Moen’s Consumer Services Contact Center maintains distinct professional and consumer service lines—this separation allows them to better handle the specific needs of plumbers/trade professionals/retailers and wholesalers.

Numerous Moen executives, from the President of the company to the global support staff, spend time in the Contact Center every month. They live by a cultural norm indicating that the most valued information is gathered through observation of consumer interactions and listening to their required solutions. Moen’s commitment to customer service excellence is also evident through their continued receipt of many industry awards, including Moen’s 2012 and 2013 President Achievement Award for their Consumer Services Contact Center, 2013 World Class Customer Service Award for Best of Class, 2012 and 2013 Smart- Business World Class Customer Service Award Honoree, and 2012 SmartBusiness World Class Customer Service Award for Best Training Systems. They are a prime example of a company that is dedicated to its community, consumers, employees, and investors. It is no wonder that Moen is the number one faucet brand in North America.

About the Author

Raquel Vega is a Consumer Services Product Consultant at Moen, Incorporated’s Consumer Services Contact Center. For the last three years, she has provided her talents to several departments, such as Core Consumer Services, International/Spanish, and U.S. and Canadian Webmail Contacts. She is currently involved in side projects regarding Marketing and Training and enjoying the new challenges and opportunities brought forth by these areas.

Moen employees possess that “can-do” attitude and are a Team dedicated to putting the customer first, always