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Endless Compliments in a Dream Kitchen

A well-functioning kitchen is a pleasure for homeowners to work in. Resourcing and coordinating all the elements to optimize convenience and organization, however, can be a drain on your time and energy.

Happily, you can specify most, if not all, your products from one source. Here are four from Moen that are essential to a harmonious, smoothly functioning dream kitchen.

New sinks for every style of kitchen. Moen’s 10 new models range from welded, 18-gauge pro-style sinks to a round bar sink with a flat bottom. The pro-style sinks feature 90-degree corners in four configurations and are affordable to boot. Moen expanded its 1800 series of D-shaped sinks with three new products, including a large single-bowl sink, a popular consumer request. Also new: a pair of stainless steel apron-front sinks with 10-mm corners for easy cleaning.

Sink optimization. A hub of activity in the kitchen, the sink area can use all the help it can get during food prep and cleanup. That’s why Moen launched cutting boards that fit inside its most popular sinks, as well as stainless steel grids that sit on the sink bottom. The grids keep dishes and cookware elevated, making cleanup a breeze, and protect the sink from scratches. Also look for rinse baskets, customized to the sink bowl, that provide a safe place inside the sink for hand-washed items to dry.

Creative storage. Hand towels are staples of any well-functioning kitchen but, without proper storage, can contribute clutter or, worse yet, be hard to find when needed. To keep them in line and readily accessible, consider mounting towel bars and towel rings near where they’re most often used. Similarly, robe hooks offer a way to store and display prized pots and pans or any other kitchen tool worth showing off.

Refreshing cabinet hardware. Replacing knobs and pulls offers a quick and budget-friendly way to refresh a kitchen. Take a look at Moen’s wide variety of cabinet hardware — it can give a lift to any kitchen, but more importantly, it seamlessly complements the design and finish of Moen faucets, towel bars and hooks. Coordinating all the parts of a complete kitchen has never been easier.