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Why Moen?

Discover Why Moen is the Right Plumbing Partner for New Residential Construction

Why Moen? Builders

Moen is driven to create innovations that enhance the lives of the people who use its products. That promise extends not only to homeowners, but every individual who interacts with Moen… especially those involved with new residential construction projects. So why do home builders and plumbers choose Moen? From style, value and innovation, to intuitive installation and best-in-class customer support, the reasons customers prefer Moen as their plumbing partner are many.

Style, Value and Innovation
Moen is constantly gathering insights from those who buy, use and install its products. Being able to provide a complete solution to customers is key for the brand; so they take time to listen, observe and learn from real customers, in real situations. This commitment ensures that their needs are being met, specifically in terms of style, value and innovation.

“Moen offers the products our customers need at the value both they – and our company – desire,” explains Lesley McCarthy, vice president of design, John Weiland Homes & Neighborhoods. “The finishes are right in line with what’s happening in light fixtures and jewelry; and being able to get style and value is extremely important to buyers.”

Best of all, Moen makes it easy for those building a new home to achieve that one-of-a-kind, custom look at the sink… without a hefty price tag. “You can go up one price level or two, and still have an affordable faucet that looks very distinctive,” adds McCarthy. “And that’s important to people, to have that uniqueness in their home.”

In addition to the right styles, Moen associates around the globe are aware of the impact innovation can make with customers. “Innovation is very important, because in this industry, just about anyone can develop a faucet,” explains Jerry Capasso, wholesale bath product manager, Moen. “But it’s what you do with that faucet – the innovation it provides and how it makes life easier for those installing it, and ultimately those using it, that matters at Moen.”

The commitment to innovation is evident in the latest thoughtfully designed products from the brand. Not only do advances in finishes and functionality delight consumers, but these products also make it easy to incorporate cutting-edge technology into the home.

One such innovation is MotionSense™: these faucets feature intuitive, hands-free technology that simplify daily tasks in the kitchen. MotionSense utilizes advanced sensors to detect movement in two sensing zones, setting water flow in motion without a single touch. Learning how to use MotionSense is as simple as it is innovative, and the versatile sensor control makes it surprisingly easy to accomplish a variety of routine tasks with speed and efficiency.

“I cannot speak highly enough about MotionSense,” adds McCarthy. “As soon as you show a customer that product, they want it. They think it’s cool, innovative and useful. This innovation has really advanced the brand and it’s what makes it easy for builders to sell Moen products.”

The Moen sales force is well-versed on the benefits of its products, as well as the variety of styles and platforms offered by the brand. “One of Moen’s greatest assets is our sales force,” says Mike Reffner, group product manager, Moen. “The direct-to-factory sales force understands the construction process, which makes us a valuable partner for builders and installers, alike.”

Beyond the initial sale, Moen provides exceptional customer service, with a support team that is dedicated to serving the needs of the new construction market. “My sales rep is great,” says Angi Sago, director of design, Traton Homes. “I often send him some pretty peculiar questions, and by the end of the day, I’ll have an answer. It’s great to have someone that responsive that’s always there for me.”

“We’re not just there to sell them a faucet; we’re there to sell them a service that’s an added-value to their business – not many others in the market can offer assistance like that,” explains Tim Shearer, senior director, national accounts, Moen. “We’re focused on giving our customers the tools they need to make selling Moen products easy.”

In addition to the in-person, face-to-face support the sales force provides, Moen offers a number of easy-to-use tools. Whether customers are in need of additional literature or the latest products to display in the design center, Moen works quickly to fulfill these requests. MoenPro.com – a website specifically designed for trade professionals – provides additional resources and allows customers to go online and create their own sales aids, so they will have the tools they need to make it easier to sell Moen® products.

“I am part of their business and they are part of mine,” adds Randy Seemiller, senior territory manager, Moen. “No matter how good the product is, there may be issues. It’s how quickly you can solve those issues for your customer that lets you develop that long-term relationship.”

Installation Benefits
New construction plumbers CNT Plumbing suggest installing the Moen brand whenever possible because it’s the product line they prefer. “It’s built to last and that’s what we stand behind,” says Carl Travis, owner of CNT Plumbing. “That’s why we believe in the product; once it’s installed, we don’t have to worry about it.”

To ensure Moen products are the easiest to install, numerous hours of testing take place in both the Moen research lab and field testing to evaluate different methods. This guarantees that the installation benefits are there for Moen’s plumbing customers. “With more intuitive installation, it saves customers time and money because they’re able to get the job done quicker the first time,” explains Reffner.

Creating Success
Moen builds upon its reputation of excellence by creating success for both the brand and its customers. And builders agree:

  • “Being associated with Moen products demonstrates that we install quality products in our homes,” explains Sago.
  • “They know they’re getting a quality faucet with a fantastic warranty,” says McCarthy. “They’re getting innovative designs and the best-of-the-best for their new home. At the end of the day, that’s what matters.”

Moen products – from concept to completion – are designed to meet the specific needs of both end-users and installers. The thoughtful design is evident not only in the simple installation, but also in the quality manufacturing, support and customer service that accompanies each and every Moen product.

“Moen works diligently to make every step of the new construction process easier – for builders, for plumbers and for homeowners,” concludes Shearer. “We capitalize on our knowledge of the industry to deliver a best-in-class experience for everyone who interacts with the Moen brand.”