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Why Do Plumbers Choose Moen?

Residential Plumbing Installation and Repair Professionals Trust that Moen is a Partner Every Step of the Way

Why Do Plumbers Choose Moen?

Trust: that’s the driving force behind plumbing contractors’ choice to work with Moen Incorporated. The company is committed to developing a stellar product line, providing strong customer service and cutting-edge innovation, which creates a level of trust that is difficult to find with any other plumbing manufacturer. Knowing that Moen will deliver style, quality and dependability gives plumbers confidence that keeps their customers satisfied.

In Tune with Customer Needs
Mark Gillece, owner and president of Mark Allen Plumbing & Heating in Bethel Park, Pa., has been an installer of Moen® products for more than 35 years. He trusts that Moen will supply quality products that reflect well on his business.

“We pride ourselves on quality work and Moen has always delivered a faucet that I’ve been able to rely on,” says Gillece. “If we install an inferior product and a customer calls back in a month saying, ‘you put this brand new faucet in for me and it’s broken already;’ it looks bad on us.” Installing quality Moen products elevates the reputation of plumbing companies’ like Mark Allen Plumbing & Heating. Not only are they able to provide a durable fixture with a best-in-class warranty*, there are also a number of styles, platforms and innovations available to satisfy every design taste and installation requirement.

Moen strengthens its trust with plumbers and homeowners by keeping in tune with customer preferences. “Our approach starts upfront with understanding our consumers’ needs,” explains Aaron Bores, director of global design quality at Moen. “And ‘consumer’ not only means the person who will be using the product, but also the one that will be installing it. This level of trust has yielded long-term partnerships.”

In fact, Moen products have been appreciated by plumbers across generations; that trust and confidence is a reason why plumbers today still select the brand. “I grew up with Moen,” says Wendell Coblentz, owner of Coblentz Plumbing in Hartville, Ohio. “It’s the only brand my father used. When you pick up a Moen faucet, you feel the quality in it. It has substance and will hold up throughout the years.”

Installation Innovations
By understanding customer needs and developing partnerships with those who install and repair its products, Moen is able to innovate and constantly provide quality and style that’s valued by plumbers and homeowners, alike.

“You can’t understand what plumbers really go through until you see it for yourself,” says Jerry Capasso, Moen product manager. “So we often visit jobsites and observe plumbers and inquire, ‘what are your obstacles, why are you doing something a certain way.”

Moen uses that valuable feedback to produce dependable products that plumbers appreciate. Case in point: the Duralock™ Quick Connect System, where with an audible ‘click,’ an installer knows that the plumbing connection is correct and secure. The reliable Duralock connection system has been proven through rigorous testing to ensure the technology meets Moen’s design quality standards. “Duralock is an innovation that allows a plumber to find the fitting from the faucet, make the attachment, and hear it lock into place…an installation all with one hand,” Capasso explains.

Walking in the shoes of installers helps foster innovation at Moen. “When we develop our products, we always try to incorporate thoughtful design from an installer’s standpoint… making our products easy to install, which saves them time and money,” says Mike Reffner, group product manager for Moen.

Moen conducts testing in its labs and in the real world to ensure ease of installation. The commitment pays off in products such as the Moen ioDIGITAL™ system and valve, which allows homeowners to easily create a personalized vertical spa, shower or Roman tub experience with the touch of a button. It boasts state-of-the-art technology that enables users to set and maintain water temperature and flow with electronic precision, yet with its simple and quick connections, installation is also just as easy.

“ioDIGITAL faucets are effortless to install and set up, and simple for the customer to understand,” says Gillece. “Moen has improved significantly over the years, in terms of trouble-free installation, faucet style and innovation. This streamlined installation means that jobs are completed quicker so plumbers can move on to the next site, saving time and money for plumbers and homeowners.”

Moen also maintains common cartridges across a number of faucets, easing installation and repair. From a service standpoint, that means that plumbers can stock fewer parts. “A plumber can go to a job and know that he has the right part to fix that faucet on his truck, and that’s a huge advantage for the plumber… and for Moen,” says Randy Seemiller, Moen senior territory manager.

Full Support in the Field
The support provided through innovation carries into the field, as plumbing installation and repair professionals using Moen products are never alone. “Our sales rep has been outstanding,” explains Coblentz. “He’s come out to the jobsite when we had some issues, and he is willing to do anything for us.”

Moen’s direct factory sales force gives plumbers peace of mind in knowing that they can reach Moen any time of day and get issues quickly resolved. “We’re not just there to sell them a faucet, we’re there to provide a service that’s an added value to their business,” explains Tim Shearer, senior director of national accounts for Moen.

“Moen is the only company I deal with where I can call my sales representative and he’s able to answer questions for me, and direct us to the exact faucet that we might need for the application,” says Gillece.

“I am part of their business and they are part of mine,” adds Seemiller. “No matter how good the product is, there may be issues. It’s how quickly you can solve those issues for your customer that lets you develop that long-term relationship.”

Moen’s strong, attentive sales force is backed by a website stocked with information tailored specifically for plumbing professionals MoenPro.com. This site includes tips and tricks, installation videos and much more. “When you’re at a jobsite and working on a faucet, to be able to have a resource such as MoenPro.com, and just knowing that it’s there, is a great insurance policy for you as a plumber,” explains Seemiller.

This level of jobsite support is one more reason for plumbing installation and repair professionals to trust Moen. “Our products are built to last a lifetime,” says Bores, “and I think that exceeds what any of our competitors can offer. The attributes we’ve built into our products for installers make the Moen product line number one.”

Moen’s plumbing partners agree, and have come to trust the Moen brand. “I definitely would recommend Moen to any plumber,” explains Matt Zurn, general manager and co-owner of Zurn Plumbing in Chamblee, Ga. “In this business, the quality of the product is important, but the relationships with the people that sell you the product are just important, if not more. Moen is tops across the board.”

*For complete warranty information, visit moen.com