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Easily Upsell Clients on Faucets They Won’t Be Able to Resist

Chris Dietz
Chris Dietz says Moen’s Spot Resist finish is an offering his clients want and appreciate. Photo courtesy of Dietz Development.

Top-selling Spot Resist™ finish keeps faucets — and you — looking good.

Moen’s Spot Resist, the number-one selling spot-resistant finish on the market today, doesn’t just keep faucets looking new long after you’ve installed them.

It makes you look good, too — by solving one of your clients’ most persistent problems.

Winning finish

As part of its commitment to Thoughtful Design, Moen started asking consumers early on about the things that were most important to them in different areas of their home.

Regarding kitchen sinks, the answer was resoundingly clear: while they loved the look and feel of their faucets immediately after they were cleaned, that look rarely lasted long.

The daily events of life — meal prep, hand washing — were too much for a non-coated faucet. Those types of fixtures quickly lost that clean look, and left consumers feeling less than satisfied with the spotted mess that stayed behind.

“Keeping things clean quickly becomes a high-level priority for consumers,” says Jack Suvak, Senior Director, Consumer and Market Insights at Moen. “And in those areas, consumers want things to stay looking nice, neat and new for as long as possible.”

Competitive advantage for you

Spot Resist can make you look good in your customers’ eyes and give you a competitive advantage to make a new sale, or upsell an existing project.

“Moen’s Thoughtful Design philosophy starts with understanding consumers’ needs. For trade professionals, understanding their clients’ pain points gives them a point of empathy to build upon,” Suvak says. “If they’re in the client’s home selling a kitchen remodel, they can say, ‘I bet keeping this area clean is a priority for you.’”

Chris Dietz, owner of Dietz Development in Washington, D.C., says offering Spot Resist to his customers immediately helps elevate his stature in their eyes.

“It helps simplify my clients’ lives, because it’s one less thing they have to do,” Dietz says. “Any time you can present an option that makes their jobs easier, you look that much more professional. You become a better contractor or remodeler in their eyes, and that makes them feel good, because they know they hired the right person.”

Surprise and delight

“There’s an element of surprise and delight for consumers once they install Spot Resist, and see how well it works,” Suvak says. “They start to discover and appreciate it more over time, and they want to put it in other parts of their home. It’s almost like solving a problem they didn’t realize they had.”

Which means if you’re the trade professional who helps them do that, you can’t help but look good, too, both now and down the road.

“My clients simply love Spot Resist,” Dietz says. “I haven’t met a family yet who doesn’t want it.”

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